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Day of Wrath 1

Written By: Sex Writer - May• 04•10
This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series Day of Wrrath

Chapter 01

He moved past the long line of buses following the crowd of pushy people into the brightly lit chamber that was like a huge domed parking lot. His eyes glowed as he stared around at the milling people carrying suitcases or pushing a weird looking shopping cart piled with suitcases and boxes. It was like a whole new world for him and yet strangely he felt almost as if he was alone amidst the sea of people that moved around him. Some bumped his shoulder as they hurried past him. None even glanced at him or said a word despite the contact. It was almost as if he was invisible to them which scared him a little.

Ashley felt lost and yet even as the beat of his heart rose a notch or two he still didn’t regret his decision to finally leave the farm and come out here. It wasn’t an easy decision because he was a country boy at heart as well as in reality. He stood 6 feet tall and weighed a solid muscular 185 pounds and yet right now, standing amidst the sea of strangers he felt like a fly around a picnic table. No one really paying any attention to him and he gripped the duffle bag strap tighter as he struggled with the strange fear that was inside of him.

Life back home had been good for the most part until his mother became ill. Things changed rapidly from that point on and despite everything he and his father had tried, she hadn’t survived the cold winter out Nebraska . He shivered as he recalled that long bleak winter on the farm, getting up before 5 to help his father by making breakfast, helping as much as he could with the chores before the old yellow school bus would come to take him into town for classes.

Standing there he wished things had been different, wished that his father had not changed and married that cow Betty. Man how he had hated it when they had started seeing each other and worse when she started showing up to help his dad out with meals. He could feel the knuckles growing white as he gripped the strap, seeing her smiling face that day when he came home to find her there. She had made dinner and worse, his father had acted like some stupid teenager from his school the way he kept staring at her all through dinner. It was sickening really and worse, he could still see his mother’s face in his mind and it bothered him that in such a short time his father couldn’t. It was like his father had simply forgotten all those years with his mother and him.

Ashley shrugged the chill off that had come over him as he had recalled that day and moved further into the bus station. He glanced around and finally saw the restroom sign and headed towards it. He had the urge to pee for the last hour or so and despite the bus having one of those toilets he just couldn’t force himself to use it. Back home he could get out and take a whiz at the side of the room without feeling self-conscious yet in the bus he felt like everyone would stare at him. He pushed open the big door with the stupid little stick man on it and found himself in a huge chamber. There were several men lined up along the wall, each one standing close over a white urinal. He looked towards the other wall where the stalls were and could tell that they were all occupied which only made him feel even more self conscious. He hated to use the urinals but the urge was overpowering so he moved down the end as far away as possible from the others.

Ashley sat his duffle bag down next to his legs and stepped inwards, unzipping his faded blue jeans to finally let his dick out. He struggled as he moved in as close as possible, feeling almost as if all the others were staring at him though no one seemed to be. It was a dumb thought but he also felt a strange thrill run through his body as he tried to get his soft dick out and take the whiz that had been threatening to happen no matter what. Suddenly it just didn’t want to come and he knew it was from his own fear of being seen and yet in the back of his mind it was what he kind of wanted too.

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