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Day of Wrath 2

Written By: Sex Writer - May• 18•10
This entry is part 2 of 8 in the series Day of Wrrath

Chapter 02

He stared out at the wide expanse of the city before him. it really was quite a site to see, all the shimmering buildings off in the distance with the sun setting behind him. The greenish colour of the ocean made for an interesting contrast to the powder blue sky and the scattered clouds above. Paul sighed a little as he realized that this part of his journey was finally coming to an end.

There had been no real rush for him and yet something had more or less spurred him on to make the journey down from Seattle in record time, well at least for him and his twin masted schooner ‘The Inseparable’. The winds had been more than favourable for his trip down the west coast which made him smile a little more. If anyone could see him they would be amazed at how innocent he looked when smiling. The grin was wide and while his lips were thin, his curly blonde hair bleached by days under the sun only helped to give him a boyish look.

At first glance his face looked clean shaved but if one was to look close they would see the tufts of light coloured facial hair all across his cheeks and chin. After all he had been at sea for almost an entire week and shaving had not been a real priority for him. He stared out at San Diego and wondered why he had even accepted the offer to come here. It was the last place he really wanted to be but somehow when approached to accept the job at Marine World he hadn’t even hesitated in accepting it.

Leaning over the rail to stare out at the wide expanse of civilization he realized just how much of a recluse he really was. He didn’t like the city life and while he once lived in a small town that was in a time he’d rather not remember. Paul Jamison had left home early on and he still kept the details buried deep inside of his mind. It wasn’t good to dwell on the past but as much as he kept trying to escape it, he never could shake it from popping up at inopportune moments, such as now. Somewhere out there was his younger brother and while he knew that he wanted to see him he also knew that it just wouldn’t work out. So much water had passed since they had last seen each other but still, deep down he rather wished things had been different between them. Everything he was today and might one day be was because of his younger brother’s sacrifice for him. How do you ignore that he wondered as he stared out at the tall spirals of building intruding on the beauty of the dusk?

He shook his head as he looked down at the shimmering glass of the ocean. It always amazed him how something so placid one second could in a flash suddenly rear up into an angry torrent of dark green water. Everything about the ocean held him in a constant state of awe and at times he wondered what had gone through God’s mind as he created the oceans and skies. Had he put some of his own anger into the water or was it a mirror to God’s own ever changing moods?

Christ if  he ever told his mother these thoughts she would have a fit, or worse maybe a heart attack. The sudden image of her clutching her chest in pain made his leg quiver a bit and his face grow hard like a stone as the thought passed thru him. It wasn’t that he really wished her ill but then again if he was honest he knew that he did. How could she have done all that she had without some shame, some regret?

For all of her holier than thou attitude she really was no different than many of the people you read about in the corporate world. She was only interested in clawing ahead and how she got there didn’t really matter. Her kids were a stepping stone, part of the whole act really and now that his father had been taken out of the picture she had quickly moved on to the next phase of her life.

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