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Day of Wrath 3

Written By: Sex Writer - Jun• 06•10
This entry is part 3 of 8 in the series Day of Wrrath

Chapter 03

The sound of water running finally made him open his eyes. At first there really wasn’t anything for him to see because he had the sleeping bag pulled over his face. Carefully he moved his arm up and pushed aside the tartan coloured cover to look out at the room.

It was bathed in a bright glare from the sun and he couldn’t be certain if it was the morning sun or the afternoon one. His eyes were having a little trouble focusing which was normal for him but slowly he began to figure out just where he was. The running water made him squeeze his legs together as he needed to take a pee bad but obviously someone was using the bathroom. He thought he could wait as he tried to wake up and focus.

The pounding around his temples seemed to grow too as his eyes became accustomed to the light. He pushed his thin body up on the couch and took in his surroundings. It was hard for him to wake up these days and he knew that it was time for him to get real once more about his drinking. He sighed a little as he stared at the coffee table and saw the empty bottle of Bourbon that rested on top along with a glass that had a small slug of the harsh liquid still inside.

Looking around the room he saw that it wasn’t particularly filled with much. There was a small television off to one side, the couch he was on and two faded and older style arm chairs with a table between them. A lamp rested on the far end of the table between the chairs and that was pretty well it. On the walls he saw a small painting of a Shepard and some sheep in a lush green pasture or field. The smaller wall held a simple wooden crucifix and Rob stared at it for a few seconds, wondering if God had had enough of him yet.

His stomach ached from all the alcohol he had drunk last night and the night before that and the night before that one too. Still the only real effect was that he had this splitting headache starting and he felt tired, almost worn out really but he also felt the strange urge to have a small pick me up. He looked down at the nearly emptied glass that rested near him and his arm moved slowly from on top of his stomach to reach out for the glass.

As it moved he saw how thin and white it was. Rob looked at his thin hand, saw the veins sticking out from the top making white ridges on his hand. His long tapered fingers were extended towards the glass but he noticed the tremor in them as his hand moved towards the table and the glass. His mind recoiled at the shaking fingers and hand that was almost like a blur to his still unfocused eyes. The shaking made him stop and he just leaned up on the back of the sofa to stare blankly at his trembling hand.

It hadn’t always been like this he thought and his hand dropped down to rest against his leg that stuck out from under the sleeping bag. He saw the white flesh of his leg and wondered just what had happened last night. He peered under the bulky material to see that all he had on was his pair of dark Calvin Klein boxer shorts.

Panic entered his heart as he looked down at his body, seeing the flat washboard stomach curling inwards as he realized that other than his shorts he was naked. His mind quickly tried to figure out where he was and his head swivelled upwards and once more took in his surrounding. The noise of someone in the shower made his heart skip a beat as his eyes roamed around the room looking for something to indicate where he was.

He felt the pain growing around his temples as he once more came to the wooden cross on the wall and then he began to take in the far off bookshelf. It wasn’t much really just some planks laid on top of old cement building bricks. There were a few stacks and his eyes looked at the titles on the spines when it dawned on him where he was.

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