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The Motel

Written By: Sex Writer - Jul• 03•10
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series The Motel

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved

Part (1)

Kaylan pulled the car into the snow covered parking lot. The sign had said ‘no vacancy’ but he didn’t care. Besides, the only car in the entire lot was his, and no lights were on in any of the Motel units, other than the office. He figured whoever owned it, simply threw the sign on, figuring no one would be coming anyhow.

He sighed, as he sat there, staring out at the falling snow, unwilling to leave the comfort of the warm car, for the cold outside. It wasn’t that far to the office door, but he was tired, exhausted from the stress of driving in the blizzard. It had been stupid to have headed out in this weather, but he just couldn’t stand being back there, at the family home, listening to their snide remarks, their little digs at him.

Despite his successes, being a Harvard graduate in business, at being his own successful boss at just twenty nine, didn’t seem to count for much with his family. Whether it was his cousin with his tart of a wife, or his own sister with her constant jibes, they all seemed incapable of giving him any credit for his successes.

The final straw was his mother’s latest, Charlie. Man what a prick the guy was, so charming, so oily, so fake. He hated the guy the first time he met him, and tonight’s little shin dig didn’t erase those earlier feelings about the man. If you could call him a man, hell the guy was older than Kaylan, but only by a year and a bit. Still he acted like he was the Patriarch of the family, when truth was, he was his mother’s boy toy.

He was a fine one to talk, and Kaylan had let him have it, the instant the jerk had said that Kaylan’s success was not about luck, not about intelligence either, but was more about how he used his dick, to get what he had wanted. Like he should talk? Man it had frosted him, but what felt worse, was how everyone around had agreed.

None of them acknowledged how hard he had worked, to get into Harvard, and on a scholarship. None of them had accepted that he had spent long hours, day in, day out, to pass and to work at his own dreams, at making them come true. None of them, not even that sanctimonious Priest who always kept staring at Kaylan’s crotch.

What a fucking waste of time this had been, and here it was, Christmas Eve and he was at some rinky dink motel, trying to get out from a storm, all because his family was a bunch of spoiled snobs, and homophobes. It wasn’t like he brought any of his partners home, unlike his cousin Jeremy, who always showed up with some new bimbo, or the one his cousin Marty actually married, yet they always made it sound like he was some sex maniac.

Looking over at the office, he sighed, feeling his resentment inside, feeling the fire inside of his whole body, from the way he let them get to him. He knew better, knew that any family gathering would be filled with innuendo, if not outright insults. Yet he still kept showing up to them, like a moron.

Okay so he was approaching thirty, and as of yet, hadn’t found anyone. Not like it would matter much, because even if he did find someone to share his life with, not like they could get married. That sucked, but in some ways, not as much as having to attend all these family gatherings, that were more like some Grand Inquisition.

He pushed his car door open firmly, his anger taking hold, as he let the cold winter air try and cool him off. He stood up, and realized how much heavier the snow was falling, in the short time. There was no way he could further, even if he wanted to. Stomping his feet, he pushed through the small pile of snow, to yank open the Motel Office door.

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