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The Motel 2

Written By: Sex Writer - Jul• 04•10
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series The Motel

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved

Part (2)

It was as if they could read his mind, as Big Brother grinned, telling Garrett could have first crack at Kaylan’s puckered hole. In some ways, it was like he wasn’t even in the room, the way the two brothers talked about him. In some ways it was even more alluring, making him hornier than he could ever recall. The idea of these two brothers, talking about him, that way, was making him lick his lips, and play with his spent dick. It didn’t go unnoticed either, as big brother moved closer, and gave Kaylan a hard kiss on the lips, while guiding him down and up the couch, so that he now lay fully stretched out. His head was resting on the arm of the couch, a small throw pillow under his neck.

Looking down his body, he saw Garrett by the other end of the couch, stroking his cock, making it grow even thicker, as he stared at Kaylan’s naked body. Man that dick looked huge, he thought, wondering about how it would feel entering his tight hole. Garrett looked up at him, smiled and continued to stroke his dick, as if he knew exactly what Kaylan was thinking.

Big Brother turned to smile at his little brother, and then looking down at Kaylan he asked him if he wanted it with or without. For a minute or two, Kaylan wasn’t sure what he was asking, then he figured it out. In a cracked voice, filled with anticipation, he said ‘with’.  The older one leaned over him, and Kaylan could smell his scent, that mixture of sweat & testosterone. He breathed in deeply, as the man grabbed something from the end table, then twisted and tossed them down towards Garrett.

‘Got ‘em’ the younger voice cried out, as big brother blocked Kaylan’s view with his own body. He was not sitting up on Kaylan’s body, his warm body resting firmly over his stomach. His one leg was crammed in next to his side, the other seemed to be bracing the body on the other. Yet all he cared about was seeing how that massive cock was staring at him, almost like it was winking, knowing exactly where it was about to go.

Licking his lips he ignored the extra weight on his stomach, enjoying the wet warmth of the flesh pressing down. His own dick was hard again, and every now and then, he felt it brush up against the hot cheeks of big brother, who just looked down, smiling. His eyes were taking in every part of Kaylan’s features, and his one hand was holding his cock, right around the thick base.

The man’s body moved down a bit, as his upper body leaned forward, bringing his head down to hover above Kaylan’s. The eyes were sparkling as the lids fluttered a bit, and then it all went blank, as they kissed. Softly at first, then growing in passion, as the man’s hands began to once more explore his body, to touch him in a way that made him shiver with excitement. It took his breath away, as he felt the man’s tongue inside his mouth, felt it tickling the back of his throat even, as they kissed.

Vaguely in the back of his conscious mind, he could feel one of his legs being lifted up and placed over the back of the couch, the other being pushed up and off so it rested precariously on the edge of the sofa. Hands were there, running up and over his exposed buttocks, pulling at them one second, then just running across them the next. It had a surreal feeling to it, as big brother continued to kiss him hard, his own body responding with equal pressure. His lips were hurting a bit, when it suddenly ended.

For a minute or two, he kept his eyes closed, still enjoying the rolling waves of pleasure inside from the tongue fucking his mouth had just gotten. Opening his eyes, at last, he saw the older brother leaning up, placing his two hands on either side of Kaylan’s head. The palms were planted a little apart on either side, a few strands of his damp hair caught underneath, but he didn’t care, as he just stared up at the looming figure.

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