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Written By: Sex Writer

Bel Ami menWelcome to ‘It Is Story Time’.

I like to think I am a writer and my speciality is writing Adult Fiction, where the sex isn’t implied, or hidden. I mean after all, we all have sex, at sometime in our lives, don’t we? So why should our stories ignore that?

taking a big one

Ariel & Jack from Bel Ami

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t just about sex, but about how the characters feel, what they are thinking, as well as the situations they face. Now, if you are looking for some quick whack off jobs, well, I am not sure my stories fit that bill.

I do enjoy sex, but I also don’t buy into that nonsense that things just happen, without some trigger. Sure, I’ve gotten lucky at the bars, taken home some damn fine looking men, and the sex was good, at the time. But you know, the more memorable times, where when there was a little bit more to getting them to come home with me, and not that first meeting either.

dark haired cutie

Bel Ami's Girogio Carrera

And that is what I write about. Those times when a bit more than getting them to down a few extra shots of booze was all that it took. Nor is it about those times in the park, or at some nameless store either. It is about meeting someone, about getting to know them casually, then becoming intimate, or not.

I guess I am a romantic at heart, but there are times when I wonder, if we have forgotten that sex is fun, but is SPECTACULAR when we actually have some feelings for the other guy, or at least dont have to ask him what his name is, as he’s leaving in the morning.

You should know, that this site is FREE, in that you can read the stories I’ve written without any fee, or even the need to sign up.  HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you can COPY THEM.

Also, the pictures used are meant for illustration purposes, nor do they imply any sexual orientation, and/or sexual preferences. These are the pictures that inspire my characters, and LIFE is what inspires the story line. They are also copyright protected.

I make money, by you buying a membership to the sites I promote, or to the videos on pay per view, that you watch. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the stories enough, to check out those sites I list here, as sponsors.

You will also see at the very end of most of my stories, a gallery of photos that have been used within the story. Clicking those small images will bring up the larger picture.  The pictures in the story will lead to the site that has graciously provided them.

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