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Setting Priorities

Sometimes a dream can be as intense as the real thing. You can sit back, close your eyes, like fur covered Adam Rogue, imagining the sex. It can be awesome at how your hands move, you dick grows, & yet there is no one else there, just you & your imagination.

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A Masterpiece In The Making

Got the update unzipped, and it was like an instant inspiration. I can’t believe how just a few pictures, can inspire a short adult story, like this latest one nighter of mine. It felt good writing it, a real bonus for me these days.

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Snaggin His Dream

Erick had always had a thing for the Senior Class hunk. Alfred was a total babe, not to mention a star jock in School. Now here he was, next to him going up to check out an empty mezzanine, or did he have something else in mind? Erick could only dream & hope.

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Day of Wrath 5

This entry is part 5 of 8 in the series Day of Wrrath

The mind is amazing, at how it can remember moments that remind you of just why you are here now.

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