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Archive for December, 2010

Hook Line and Sinker

It is said, that it only takes one look, to know when you are in love. Course, it could be simply due to lust, but at times, real love does happen. Scoff at it, but it does exist, does happen, and it can last an eternity. Another story, of romance, with perhaps a twist in it, to make you have some hope. Works for me.

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New Layout

A small change of looks, so that you can better enjoy reading the stories. A light look, I hope, that will allow easier access to the prose, and maybe spur a comment or two.

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Early Christmas Present

I do love twinks, & sometimes, one just stands out. He may be just jerking off, thought to be boring by porn standards, but if you let your imagination go, it can be more erotic than you thought. This story inspired by the photo shoot of Atlanta by Boycrush.

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