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Rent Boy – Chapter 7

Written By: Sex Writer - Sep• 16•11

Chapter 7

Josh and Billy looked at each other. The words seemed to hang in the air as they looked into each other’s heart. The quiet manner in which Gordon had spoken those few words had touched them deeper than even Gordon had thought. He just stood there, looking into his glass of liquid courage. His whole body seemed to sag, not the usual Gordon pose. Billy could feel his heart being tugged by the almost pathetic figure that he had once feared.

Josh looked up first, his blue eyes squinting in the sunshine as he took in the man before him. There was something different, not just the physical change, but something far more complete. He had spent the night hating Gordon, in between his worry over Billy. He didn’t feel any kinder towards Gordon as the morning had gone on; but now, well now things seemed different. Maybe he was wrong, maybe Billy was really right when he said Gordon was one of the few decent john’s in his life.


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The Locker – Chapter 6

Written By: Sex Writer - Sep• 13•11


Chapter 6


8:21 p.m.

Dinner had been strange; different in a way he just couldn’t put his finger on. Every time he’d look over at Dakota he got this feeling that everyone else at the table was noticing and then like the perfect dufus he had to have a choking spell, that sure was a hit with Dakota’s mom who seemed so distant, so strange really. He couldn’t quite say why, but he was sure she kept looking at him as if to see if he was good enough for her son and yet at other times it was like she was feeling angry with him, upset that he was even sitting at their table.

It certainly wasn’t a dinner like he was used to. At his place his folks would talk, laugh, tell and ask things of him and each other, sort of like they were catching up or something, but Dakota’s folks seemed different. It was more like they were only there to fuel up, not to check up or anything. It was kind of weird for him and even Arizona was quiet which he didn’t think was possible and yet, he couldn’t quite put his finger on it but it didn’t just seem because he was there, that somehow this was normal for them.

Noah had tried to offer to help with the dishes but both Arizona and Rosalie, Dakota’s mother, refused his offer quickly. In fact he sort of felt like she really didn’t even want him there and he noticed a strange glance between her and Dakota as well which only made him feel more out of place. He really didn’t understand it but somehow it didn’t seem to matter much, as each time he would steal a glance at Dakota he would feel the strange glow in his body flare up. It was like he wanted to just reach across the table and grab Dakota and kiss him, and he could feel the desire inside, feel it burning into his body with each stolen look, each covert glance.


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Rent Boy – Chapter 6

Written By: Sex Writer - Sep• 13•11

Chapter 6

The room was still in darkness as Gordon gazed down on the two sleeping boys. He could see them, entwined together under the covers. Billy’s head rested on top of Josh’s. Gordon could see that Josh was sleeping with his head on Billy’s chest and that he had his arm draped over the gently heaving chest. He stood there, thinking of what it must be like for Josh to be so much in love, and for Billy, who obviously had more to him than Gordon had ever given him credit for. Well, that would change, this was a new day for him, a new life really.

He could feel a tear in the corner of his eyes and they misted over as he thought about it all. How anxious he was when Billy hadn’t returned on time. How he had made light of it while his own heart waspounding in his chest so as not to worry Josh. Surely he couldn’t be falling under a love spell? Not at his age, it didn’t happen did it?

Here he was, in his late 60’s all ready, and just what did he have to show for it? He didn’t really have anyone who would shed many tears if he passed away today, did he now? That was sad, sure he had money and generally most of the people around him, if not all, only were around for the favors he doled out. What an epitaph that was, ‘He gave us parties and trinkets if we were good.’ Shit, that wasn’t good, but now, well now maybe he had another chance.


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The Locker – Chapter 5

Written By: Sex Writer - Sep• 12•11


Chapter 5

‘Only love gives us the taste of eternity’

— Jewish Proverb


4:19 p.m.

The car was moving slowly along the potholed road, Dakota keeping his focus on the road ahead, twisting and turning the large steering wheel to avoid the deeper of the potholes that seemed to be everywhere. Noah kept his eyes going between the road ahead and watching the intent expression on Dakota’s face. In a sense he felt uncertain still about Dakota, about what he really wanted or for that matter what he wanted from Dakota. At first he thought it was simply sex, but he knew inside that wasn’t really true, because as much as he felt he wanted it, he was petrified by the idea. He knew he wanted to be with Dakota that way, hell he could feel the desire each time he even just thought about the guy’s name, but a part of him deep down was still scared.

He had listened to all the nonsense, the scares about AIDS, about STD’s and the like and that definitely had him frightened, yet each time he would steal a glance at Dakota’s face, he felt like it couldn’t happen to him, that he was immune in some way, that those things happened to those who were sleazy, not to guys like him or Dakota. Course he knew he was kidding himself, and to be honest he hadn’t really thought much about the risks, all he could thing of was that thick pole and if it would hurt as much as he thought it would. Somehow he knew it would and that scared him, because he also knew he wanted to do nothing more than please Dakota, to show him that he was someone Dakota could care for.

Funny how he could think of all this and still manage to feel damn horny too. Christ he had to stop all these thoughts because it was only making his own dick hard and sitting in the bucket seats were hard enough, smelling Dakota’s scent, the car and everything else was just driving him nuts and yet, the damn voices wouldn’t leave him in peace. He had pictured this day differently; at least the start hadn’t gone like he had figured. Instead of a wild passionate kiss, all he had got was a smile and a hello, which left him hard and all but it wasn’t quite what he thought lovers did when they would meet. Then again, they really weren’t lovers or at least not yet. Maybe that was it, maybe things changed once you ‘did it’ or maybe not, he just didn’t know and that was tearing at him as the car moved quickly down the highway and then to the road they were on now.


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