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The Locker – Chapter 1

Written By: Sex Writer - Aug• 19•11


Chapter 1


8:20 a.m.

Noah lifted his head up and stared at the long corridor. To one side lay a bank of lockers; to the other lay the open courtyard to the main outside lunch area. The area was particularly crowded this morning as the bussed students from Brock were trying to figure out where their lockers were, or at least where the one’s they would be sharing were. Already the school year had gotten off to a lousy start for Noah and now it was only getting worse, having to share a locker with someone. Granted it wasn’t the fault of the Brock High School kids that their school got torched over the weekend, but he had enough headaches to deal with. Already he was getting razzed about his screw up from last season, even though he thought it would be forgotten some kids loved to keep reminding everyone that he was different even though there was no proof. Least he didn’t think there was but it wasn’t like anyone cared.

Besides it wasn’t his fault, the damn drama teacher had made him play the part and he needed the grade. So it meant wearing a dress, it didn’t make him a fag like all the stupid jocks said, just cause they couldn’t act worth shit didn’t make drama a pussy sport as Hector said, like he’d know anyways.

His face was set in a scowl as he walked down the cement walkway towards where his locker was as he remembered the first day of school, only two weeks ago, but already it seemed like a year, when Hector had nailed him in the lunch enclave. At the top of his stupid bass voice he wanted to know if Noah had gotten any new dresses for this season, or was he going to just wear the same old frock. Christ what an ass he was and naturally the whole school laughed, like it was a big joke, but it didn’t stop there. Someone, and he was sure it was Hector and his gang of mental midgets had scrawled on his locker pussy boy, faggot, and even girlie boy, but no one cared, least the principle didn’t. Hell, the guy even made him clean it up, like it was his fault or something.

Things hadn’t gone easier the rest of the week either, his first assignment in science and he got teamed up with Marvin, which only gave Hector more to tease him about too. Marvin wasn’t exactly a bad person, but if you ever wanted to know what a stereotypical gay was all you had to do was look at Marvin. The guy had to have a swivel in his hips the way they kept swishing to and fro, and the high-pitched voice and hand gestures, Christ it was enough to make anyone yell ‘FLAMER’ and he got stuck with him first off. No discussion, no chance to weasel out and naturally Hector made a big deal of it, wanting to know if Marvin was ‘man enough’ for him or if they shared dresses after school. The science teacher, Mr. Wolcott laughed the loudest too which sure as hell didn’t help matters and now he was an easy target for everyone. It just wasn’t fair and he could see it only getting worse as the semester went on. Now he had a new ‘locker buddy’ and with his luck, it’d most likely be another Marvin.

As he came closer to his locker he could see a tall young guy standing near it, his head was turning to watch everyone passing by, and he had the most gorgeous long dark hair he had ever seen. The guy looked so friggin hot that Noah could feel his 6 inch cock already rising up. The guy was leaning two lockers away from his own and he wished that he would have been his locker buddy but no such luck, of that he was certain. Man, the way the guy looked so self assured, so confident and yet he was in a new school, one he hadn’t known before. Noah licked his lips as he wished he could luck out and seeing the locker he was leaning on, he really felt down, because it belonged to Rusty who he had a crush on last year. Now he was HOT and yet he didn’t seem to act like one who was perhaps the most popular guy on campus. Even as a sophomore he was popular among the seniors and now, well now there would be no competition for that honour.

Rusty was everyone’s favourite, the super student who had good grades, not honour roll but close, was a great athlete in Track and Swimming, and the most sought after date by every female in the school. He was liked by the teachers and everyone always seemed to hang on his every word, but he always said ‘hi’ to whoever passed by him. It was the one highlight of what was mostly a lousy day to see Rusty in the morning, and to have him smile and say hi. Christ, it wasn’t that he was queer or anything, and Noah knew that too, just that it did give him something to look forward to other than Hector’s hazing. He sighed, because he knew that as perfect as he thought Rusty was, Rusty laughed like the rest did when Hector teased him, but at least he didn’t start any of the comments. That was something wasn’t it?

He slowed down a bit as he came up to Rusty’s locker and his eyes couldn’t help but stare a little at the new kid. Christ he was so fucking hot that Noah was certain that he would cream his fucking drawers if the guy so much as said BOO to him. His eyes had that look, a certain gleam to them that just melted a person’s will to hide anything from his probing thoughts. It was like the guy was just so complete, so totally in charge of himself that you could feel his self-confidence. Shit, what he wouldn’t give to have one tenth of that confidence but then maybe if he looked that good he would, instead of looking like the male version of twiggy.

Christ everything about this new kid looked good. His hair was shoulder length, a dark rich brown colour that seemed to glimmer in the sunlight coming in from the sides, and his eyes were already enough to die for. His lips were thin and pale but they suited his long narrow face. The way his nose was just right for it and Noah could see the way each nostril flared a little as he breathed in. That in itself got his dick hard as he saw the chest push out and then in as the kid breathed. He wore a simply blue button down shirt, long sleeves but rolled up past his elbows and the skin was a deep golden tan colour, the kind that sun worshippers would kill for. The shirt fitted snugly and with each inhale of his lungs, you could see the buttons shake a little and the muscles in his stomach made the fabric ripple.

Noah tightened the grip on his books as he walked past, lowering his face but trying to sneak a peak from under his eyelids. He breathed in deeply smelling a sort of apple fragrance and wondered what type of shampoo he used, or if it was a soap scent, because whatever it was, it was friggin perfect. It just had the right hint of apple to it and if anything, it made him seem even more desirable. Shit, it would be all he needed now was to have the kid notice him gawking, it wouldn’t take Hector long to find out and add to his discomfort. Shit, he thought, as he moved past him towards his own locker where he stopped, turning his back to the new kid to help take his mind of the absolute rock hard chest and well built legs that the kid had. Nothing had ever felt like this before, the way his own breathing seemed to be labouring as he reached for the combination lock on the door and he knew his legs were trembling a little too as he just couldn’t shake the image of this new kid from his mind.

The tap on his shoulder startled him so much that the books under his arm went falling to the floor in an instant just as the soft voice asked if he was Noah. His head snapped to turn towards the offending person, his books at his feet, when his jaw fell open as he saw the hot new kid standing right next to him. He could smell that apple scent now and he knew it had to be soap and shampoo as he looked into the boy’s face, seeing the gleam in his deep dark brown eyes. He knew his mouth was open but he couldn’t speak, and he could feel his cock, it was moving around inside his pants and he felt the pressure in his crotch, praying he could keep himself together for a minute longer.His lungs ached as he tried to breath inwards, but the pounding of his heart seemed to get in the way, as it roared and his ears echoed to the harsh beat.

Kid “Uh, sorry, you Noah?”

He knew he couldn’t look at him, no way, not this early in the morning and he bent down quickly to gather up his fallen books, hoping he could keep his obvious desire hidden until he could get control over the raging thoughts that were passing into his mind. Noah was stuttering as he tried to answer, wishing for one brief instant that he had the type of confidence that he had seen in this kid’s face only moments earlier.

Noah “Uh, yeah, yeah that’s me, uh why?”

The kid squatted down on his legs; helping to pick up a book or two and his face was level with Noah’s as he spoke. Noah couldn’t help himself but the hardness of his groin was killing him and yet as he stared into the dark rich eyes, he felt like everything he had kept hidden was under assault. Every secret part of his mind, his heart, even his soul was suddenly flung open to the probing mind of the guy in front of him.

Kid “Didn’t mean to startle you, I am Dakota, guess we are supposed to share a locker?”

Noah “Dakota?”

Dakota “Yeah, it’s a long story, but all of us got named after states”

Noah “Uh, Dakota is a nice name, my folks liked the bible ones, uh, so, uh, sorry about being a dufus, uh I mean…”

Dakota “Cool, so uh, am I supposed, I mean, do I meet you here or how’s this work, never had to do this before.”

Noah “Huh? Oh, sorry, no I’ll give you the combination, its uh, shit, sorry, not been a good day”

Dakota “Didn’t mean to throw you off, want me to hold those while you open up?”

His heart started to pound even harder as he looked into Dakota’s face. God he was so fucking handsome, it was unreal how he looked and those eyes, shit he couldn’t stop himself from staring into them and yet he knew that he was making a total ass out of himself, he just couldn’t help it as he kept stuttering, wishing he had more balls. His mind was confused enough now it had this perfect face to drool over and he could feel the ache in his groin, feel it ripping deep into his soul and despite the panic he managed to suck in enough air to at least not hyperventilate.

Noah “Open up? Huh? Oh, shit, sorry, thanks”

He stood up, hoping that his obvious thoughts wouldn’t be that obvious as he handed over his books. His hand touched Dakota’s and he felt a sudden shock suddenly run through his whole body. His legs felt like rubber and he was certain he’d collapse if he didn’t move his hand away quickly. Christ, the touch was like a sudden burst of lightning had hit him and his eyes had strayed, looking down at Dakota’s hand and at the same time, he stole a quick look at the boy’s crotch, his mind already fantasizing about what lay inside those faded tight pair of jeans.

Dakota “you okay?”

Noah “Yeah, sorry, Monday you know?”

Dakota “Yeah, so, someone don’t like you?”

Panic seized him and he felt like someone had placed their hand deep into his chest, gripping it and squeezing it tightly as he trembled. His hand shook and the lock rattled against the metal of the locker door as he heard the soft-spoken question. Damn, what was this about?

Noah “Huh? No, why? What uh, I mean, uh…”

Dakota “The faded paint on the door, can still see it… Looks like someone…”

Noah “Oh that! No, no just some guys fooling around, no big deal, really”

Dakota “Cool, so, what’s this place like?”

Noah “Uh it’s okay, it’s well, it’s school”

Dakota “Yeah, school… never thought I’d say it, but I kind of, well never mind, can you write down the combination for me?”

Noah “Yeah sure, uh, I’ll just get this shit off the top shelf, you can have that if you want, or you prefer the bottom?”

Dakota “haha, don’t matter to me, either works”

Noah “Huh?”

Dakota “Nothing, inside joke, my brother, uh, he used… shit, sorry,”

Noah stared at Dakota, seeing him suddenly turn away and he could have sworn that the guy had tears in his eyes. Man it was strange, one second the guy was being happy, smiling even, which made him wish he could take a picture of him, the way his whole face seemed to light up as his lips parted and the smile formed across it, and then ‘wham’ he looked like the entire world had just ended.

Noah “Uh, you okay? I mean did I…”

Dakota “huh? No I am fine, sorry, thinking about my older brother, gets me bit sappy, not your fault”

Noah “Oh”

Dakota “Yeah”

Noah “Uh, here, this is the combination”

Dakota “Uh huh, well…thanks, now can you tell me where the science lab, uh, room 109 is?”

Noah “Sure, hang on sec and I’ll show you…”

Dakota “That’s okay, just point me in the right direction, I’ll find it”

Noah “No problem, I have that first period too, but uh, didn’t they give you a home room?”

Dakota “Shit, yeah, Mr Reese?”

Noah “That’s his right over there, the one with the all the girls standing by it, uh mine is the one next to it, if you wait for me after home room, I’ll show you the science lab, if you want”

Dakota “Sure? I mean… that would be great”

Noah “No problem, uh, we better go, Reese hates people coming late, I had him last year”

Dakota “Thanks, uh, sure you don’t mind showing me?”

Noah “No, no problem, like I said I have science first too, so…”

Dakota “Thanks”

He couldn’t help himself; the way Dakota moved down the hallway it was like he was gliding more than just walking. Every movement seemed so effortless as he headed towards the homeroom and all Noah could do was follow behind, his eyes almost bulging as he stared at the way the tight cheeks of Dakota moved from side to side. They looked so perfect, like tiny moons secured in a patch of faded blue, almost like a dawn’s early sky really and he cursed himself, knowing that as long as he kept thinking like this he was flirting with disaster. With his luck, Dakota would notice if he hadn’t yet, and then he’d really be in trouble. Least with Hector’s teasing, well it was because of drama, not like he had been caught making a move on someone, this, this would be way different and he lowered his head, feeling like he was walking headlong into trouble.

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Lanai North Hillside Mall

Written By: Sex Writer - Jul• 17•11

Part ( Hillside Mall )

Oh where do I begin on this latest escapade? I mean honestly, I am in love with Canada, and yes, Canadian boys. I mean to begin with, even an old geezer like me has a chance with some sexy little thing, as it just seems Canadian guys don’t give a damn about a person’s age, but are more into what that person is like.

Let me tell y’all, it sure as hell ( did I say that? Darn, there goes another mark against my application for Sainthood ) isn’t like that down home, in the Good O’le US of A.  Don’t get me wrong, I certainly do enjoy the fine young men, especially some of those I’ve found on the nice beaches of Florida, but when it comes to attitude, those Canadian hotties got them all pretty well beat.

Take my little sojorn to the local shopping mall, close to my summer residence up here in Victoria. They call it Hillside Shopping Center, mainly because it’s on Hillside Avenue.

Now it isn’t what you’d call a super large mall, but I gotta tell you, the scenery is damn nice. No, I don’t mean plants, or anything so boring. I am talking about young men. Eye Candy if you will, and what has me floored, is how damn friendly they are.

I mean like you go walking down and spot one, and stare a little, and instead of an angry glare, you get a coy little smile. It is like, damn, they like being ogled at.  Now that is way different than back home. Sure, some do like being stared at, but you know, that’s usually in one of those pick up bars, and I don’t frequent them. After all, how would that look on my Sainthood Application?

One of the signs of being elderly, is frequent bathroom breaks. Course, in my case, it is the damn pills I have to take. And well, a guy just can’t go shopping without a stop or two at the restroom. Now don’t go thinking I go there cruising either, because that just isn’t the case. Honest, you can trust me, I never voted for Bush, either George or Jeb.

Anyhow, last week I was visiting the Mall, checking out this store called Zellers. Sort of a Target type operation, and they do have some good prices. Hey, one thing about living up here, it isn’t cheap. I don’t know how the people manage, but they do.

Well, nature called, as it usually does just when I wish it wouldn’t, but fortunately there is a rather nice public washroom, right by the mall entrance to Zellers.  Now I bet you figure this little tale is about what happened inside, but hey, I told you, I don’t do that sort of thing.  Besides, it didn’t happen inside, but well, on the way out, let me tell you what happened.

You have to visualize the place. Big open area, then a sort of narrow corridor that leads to the main door to the washrooms. I had been inside, accomplished my mission, and as I came out, back into the hall, I wound up bumping into this drop dead gorgeous creature.

Like there was no way to prevent it. He was going in, just as I was pushing the door to go out, and well, the law of physics ya know. Now, back home, well, the young pup would have made some rude comment about us older types, but not this hottie.

sexy young twinkAnd when I say hottie, I do mean hot. Like to begin with, he had the nicest face I’d ever seen. Very lean looking facial structure, with nice eyes, and short cropped blond hair. A diamond stud earring didn’t escape my notice, nor the brilliant white smile either. Like think about it. Here I am, bumping into him, knocking him backwards, and he’s not pissed, but smiling.

More than that, this cute young man had a most enthralling voice. It wasn’t shrill, nor too deep, but the perfect pitch, as he apologized.

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Peel My Banana

Written By: Sex Writer - Jun• 11•11

Part ( Unsheathing My Sword )

Branden finally sighed, as he put his trail bike down, next to the big tree. His feet were sore, his body ached, and worse, he stunk from sweat and grime. It had been a long trek down the hillside, to the edge of the river. The sun was setting, as he breathed in the fresh musky air.

Strange how the air smelled so much better in the countryside, than in the city. He stretched, loosening up the kinks in his back, as he looked over the spot he’d chosen to make camp for the night. The city wasn’t far off, but far enough to not be reachable before darkness.

The sound of the river running made him smile. He needed a quick dip, before it got cool. Days of pedalling that damn bike, had made him stink, more than he could handle. He may be a healthy 19, but those hills weren’t exactly little bumps, and the trail wasn’t human friendly.

Hell, he lost count how many times his just over six foot frame had been snagged by some thorny branches. Never mind how his rather longish curly blond hair had been snagged, when he had stupidly ridden without his helmet on. Man, that had been dumb, but it was so hot under it, he needed to feel the air blowing through his hair.

Wasn’t that he was vain either, but he liked it when his hair flowed in a small breeze. Back in town, when the wind blew, he loved how some would turn their heads, to watch. Too bad he was on the shy side, as some of those guys were frigging hot. You’d think that a guy 19 would be more, well, outgoing.

Not him, he had to endure more alone time, than he wanted, all because he didn’t have the nerve to start a conversation with someone that grabbed his attention. And boy, there had been some lookers. Nor was he exactly confined to just other guys his age. He liked all sorts of men, from his own age, to those even in their fifties.

Like that Terry fellow back home. Man he was hot, for a man of 54, and did he have a body on him. Only trouble was, he was uncut, but that didn’t really bother him. He was a top and Terry a bottom, so it all worked out, sort of.

Problem was, he was uncut, so he knew how to work the foreskin, how to play with it, so it would be more enjoyable. Oh he liked it when it finally got all nice and taut, but he was one of those strange teenagers, who liked a bit of fun, first. It wasn’t all about having a few quick pulls, then slamming it into some tight hole.

He maybe shy, at the start, but give him the right guy, the right mood, and he was a fucking tiger. He liked to touch, to kiss, and be touched, kissed, fondled with. Branden loved to have his balls sucked, loved to be rimmed even, though he’d only experienced it twice, so far.

Gawd that made him so horny, to feel a guy’s tongue up his ass, swirling around inside his tight nearly virgin hole. He laughed as he strode down to the river bank, thinking about how was still a little bit a virgin. Made him crack up as he sat down by the river’s edge, watching the cool water lap up against the grassy bank.

Being honest with himself, it wasn’t that he was a virgin in having something up his ass. He did own a dildo, and did enjoy having it up his ass, when he jerked his 7 inches of manhood, but let a guy put his own dick there, well, he got rather uppity about that. Honestly, he just didn’t think he could handle the pain of penetration, when he couldn’t control it.

He’d tried one of those super sized dildos, and fuck, he couldn’t get the head of it in, let alone that rubber shaft. Like it hurt way too much, plus it made his dick go soft. Now that, he really didn’t like. Besides, the feeling of his unsheathed cock pushing past a nice tight pucker hole, was still a sensation that made him quiver.

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Lanai North John

Written By: Sex Writer - Mar• 06•11

Part (John)

I was rather surprised at how quickly I managed to settle into my summer house in Victoria. More surprised at how good it felt, to just sit out on the balcony, enjoying the parade of young manhood every day. Frankie may have had something to do with that, as he did keep on dropping by.

He even brought some friends with him, and you know, they were all rather charming. Straight, and while the subject of sex, other than their latest tussle with a girl or two, never really came up. I think they knew, but unlike most of the straight young men back in Florida, it didn’t seem to matter to them.

Least they never led on that it did, and they did return, which speaks volumes. Maybe it is the clear air, or something about Canada, but it seemed like being Gay, was not as big an issue as it is back home. Maybe that is also why I became so relaxed?

Weekends became a treat. I mean Frankie was really very good at landscaping, and to be honest, just being in his presence was comforting. I mean to see him bending over, in those tight jeans, no shirt on, digging away. And yes, there were other benefits that arose some days. Yet one could never be certain, if it would. He was, after all, a true free spirit.

I liked that about him. Plus, I really wasn’t into relationships. I just wanted to enjoy retirement, sampling all that might come my way. Frankie didn’t seem to mind either, which was refreshing. Sex with that eighteen year old, was to say the least, exciting. One never knew what he would do, or crave. Made it challenging, in a good way. Kept an old codger like me on my toes, which in turn kept my heart ticking. So it really was a win, win, situation.

Unlike the normal perception of older men, I like my sex, and once a week, if Frankie was in the mood, just wasn’t enough to keep my motor finely tuned. Like a Kentucky Derby winner, I need lots of practice. You can’t expect to win the Derby by racing once a week or so. You have to get out there, run the track daily.

sexy muscled hunk strippingWhich brings me to John.

Now John is different than Frankie. For starters, he is a bit older, though by how much, damned if I know. He is most likely around 22 or so, least I think so. Other than age, he isn’t a short guy, and has a lot more muscle definition to him.

Don’t get me wrong, Frankie is fairly buff too, but not if you compared him side by side with John. John is also, well more deliberate in his sex, than Frankie. He also is a bit more, shall we say reserved?

First met John down at the local liquor store. No, he wasn’t working there, but a customer. Not even sure how the conversation started, but he offered to give me a lift back to my place. I guess he was taking pity on an old guy, with a big bag of wine.

(  yes, I do enjoy a nice glass or two of decent red wine with my meals. I am not much of a drinker, but every now & then I do like my shot of Bourbon at night.  Not often. A good bottle can last me a year or more, but wine, well, it is good for you, so I do try to have at least one glass every day or so. ) The liquor store isn’t far away either, but hell, to be sitting next to John, who would refuse? He smelled nice too, had that sort of fresh scrubbed scent that I enjoy. Not much of a hint of cologne, just that, which I tend to like. Besides, those bottles were heavy, and my new summer retreat is a good three blocks away. They are rather long blocks, as John said, when I told him it wasn’t necessary.

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