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The Locker – Chapter 3

This entry is part 3 of 8 in the series The Locker

An erotic story about finding one’s mate, but being afraid of being outed as a result. High School bullying isn’t a pretty site, but it can be beaten back. One can survive it, if they have a little help.

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The Locker – Chapter 12 (Conclusion)

Chapter 12 Monday 5 a.m. – Dakota He had heard the old truck coughing into life a little early, knowing now where his father was really going. Strange, he had kind of wished that he had gone with him and yet he couldn’t get that look out of his mind. The way his father had […]

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The Locker – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Sunday 4 a.m. – Nathan He stared out at the front yard, watching the shadows dance around the darkness moved from pitch black to a dull dark grey. It was strange to be standing here in his bathrobe looking out of the huge bay window knowing that his whole world had suddenly changed. […]

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