It Is Story Time

Stories tell you what the pictures missed

Rent Boy 5

This entry is part 4 of 8 in the series Rent Boy

Love is not just a four letter word. It does mean something, to some people. It does drive a person to do things they’d normally not do, or to accept what they may not normally accept. It is not just about sex, about the physical release, but about touching the other’s soul, just as they touch yours. It is Love.

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Hook Line and Sinker

It is said, that it only takes one look, to know when you are in love. Course, it could be simply due to lust, but at times, real love does happen. Scoff at it, but it does exist, does happen, and it can last an eternity. Another story, of romance, with perhaps a twist in it, to make you have some hope. Works for me.

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The Locker – Chapter 12 (Conclusion)

Chapter 12 Monday 5 a.m. – Dakota He had heard the old truck coughing into life a little early, knowing now where his father was really going. Strange, he had kind of wished that he had gone with him and yet he couldn’t get that look out of his mind. The way his father had […]

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