It Is Story Time

Stories tell you what the pictures missed

Rent Boy – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Life is a candle before the wind. Japanese Proverb Josh sat in the deep rich leather of the chair, looking at the clock, waiting for the time to finally reach quarter past midnight. That was when he could expect Billy to get home from his job. He hated the waiting, especially on Saturday […]

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Rent Boy – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Josh had a sheepish grin on his face as he gazed affectionately into Billy’s dark eyes. He couldn’t even recall where he was, just that he was with someone who actually cared for him. He could feel the love, actually touch it as it wrapped itself around his thin naked body. Billy could […]

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Rent Boy – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Josh looked over at Darren, and he could see the fear in his chestnut eyes. Well, he asked for the details, and Billy was a big part of who Josh had become. He took another long pull of the brandy, letting the hot liquid run down his throat, warming him, trying to warm […]

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Rent Boy – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Slowly he managed to clear his eyes of the haunting vision of Billy’s face. He really did love him, more than anyone would ever know or could ever understand. He looked at Darren and while he did love him, it was different, it wasn’t the carefree free wheeling love that he had shared […]

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